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Saracino – Skin Tone Modelling Paste – 1kg – Free From Gluten

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Saracino – Skin Tone Modelling Paste – 1kg – Free From Gluten

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Saracino – Skin Tone Modelling Paste – 1kg – Free From Gluten

For a modelling paste that is both durable yet malleable, look no further than Saracino Modelling Paste.


The modelling paste differs in many ways than others that are available, however it is it’s ease of use that is making it so sought after.


The Saracino modelling paste is so durable that it can be rolled or moulded to a thickness of 1mm, so now you can get more lifelike flower petals and leaves than ever before. Also, because you can roll it so thinly, it allows you to cut the paste easily with products such as FMM Cutters, and so is more versatile as you can then use it for side tier and top tier embellishments, not just for sugar floristry and modelling purposes.


Saracino Modelling paste has a high concentration of cocoa butter and so is very useful when modelling 3D cake figures and toppers. It means that, whilst the modelling paste hardens quickly, it does not dry out, making it easy to correct any mistakes, so you can have models made at record speed.


The modelling paste is also very elastic, so you can bend and shape it as you wish, without fear of it breaking. Not only this but once hardened, it easily maintains its shape.


Unlike some other modelling pastes and florist pastes on the market, the Saracino modelling paste tastes good and is even gluten free.


Product net weight 1kg.


This product is gluten free.


Saracino Modelling Paste does not contain nuts as an active ingredient but may contain traces of nuts.


Ingredients: Sugar, potato starch, glucose syrup, cocoa butter, maize starch, Thickening agent: carboxymethycellulose (E466), Food colouring agents: E171 titanium dioxide, E124 ponceau red 4R, tartrazine yellow (E102), cocoa powder, Preserative agent: potassium sorbate (E202)


E124  and E102 may have an adverse effect on acitvity and attention in children.


Average nutritional values for 100 grams
Energetic value 386 Kcal 1631 Kj
Proteins 0.10 grams
Cabohydates 80.3 grams of which sugars 49.8 grams
Fats 7.37 grams

Weight 1000 g


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