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Bake-O-Glide Silicone Mat Bake-o-Mat

It is a fantastic non-stick reusable professional mat. Making it a great baking accessory. Ideal to use for a wide range of baking creations from eclairs, biscuits to bread.


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Bake-O-Glide Silicone Mat Bake-o-Mat

Bake-O-Glide Silicone Mat Bake-o-Mat is a fantastic non-stick reusable professional mat. Making it a great baking accessory. It is ideal to use whilst making eclairs and churros.

The mat has a silicone coating. Therefore a wide range of baking projects such as baking bread, biscuits and pastries can also be created with ease. Also suitable for boiled sugar and chocolate work.

In addition, it is very easy to use. Place the silicone mat on a baking sheet or tray, make sure the side with writing is facing upwards. Then, lay the product to be baked or frozen directly on the silicone mat (no need to grease).

Furthermore, the mat is very easy to clean and maintain. Clean your silicone mat with a damp, soft sponge then rinse with clean water. Shake to remove excess water and dry in open air. A mild detergent or soap may also used if needed.

The silicone mat is effective in temperatures from -40°C to 250°C.

Depending on your oven, your recipe baking temperature may need to be adjusted accordingly.

Note: A slight oily residue after washing is normal, as is slight discolouration.


Do not use scrapers or brushes to clean the silicone mat.

Never cut on the silicone mat.

Do not fold the silicone mat.

Do not grease the silicone mat. It doesn't need it.

Never use a cut or ripped silicone mat as the fibreglass mesh material could transfer into the food.

Avoid using dishwashers, as they may cause harm to the silicone mat.


300mm x 400mm.

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