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*NEW* Callebaut Lime Coloured and Flavoured Callets LEMON 500g - Please read product info

It is amongst the finest there is in chocolate. Use only the highest quality ingredients.


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Callebaut Lime Coloured and Flavoured Callets Lemon 500g

This product has been given the flavour name as Lemon from Callebaut, however the callets are green, some of you my think the flavour is Lime, you need to be warned of this.  This product is made and packaged in Belgium, from experience when ever I have travelled to Europe and ask for a slice of Lemon in my drink, I always get a slice of Lime, therefore we think the Europeans call their Lime flavour Lemon.   We have no control of this situation, just something for you to think about when ordering.

Due to customer's request for smaller bags of this deliciously flavoured and coloured callets, we have made the decision to bag it ourselves, 2.5kg can just be out of budget for some customers, especially if it's a product they would like to try before investing in a 2.5kg bag. 

We are bagging 500g bags of Callebaut in our own packaging to offer you smaller bags. If you do not wish to receive a bag re-packed by Sugar and Crumbs please do not order as we cannot refund.  

Callebaut Lime Coloured and Flavoured Callets LEMON 500g - Please read the product info, Callebaut is easier to melt, temper, pour, mould and much more. Great for chocolatiers!

It has 150 years of experience in Belgium, using only the highest quality ingredients. So, they use only the very best cocoa beans. In fact, is one of the largest manufacturers of chocolate in the world, and is the brand of choice for many of the top chocolatiers.

In addition, this unique 'callet' shape, this chocolate is exceptionally easy to melt, temper or even to use as chocolate chips for baking. Also, the 'callet' shape also allows melting to be much more consistent, due to the larger surface area.

Callebaut Lime-coloured and flavoured white chocolate. Flavour your desserts with Callebaut Lemon Callets™. Made with Callebaut® Belgian white chocolate, they combine a creamy and caramelly sweet taste with an obvious lemon flavour. With their standard fluidity, you can use Lemon Callets™ for the same wide variety of applications as our traditional chocolates. You can add coloured details to hollow figures and pralines or create small coloured decorations for cakes and desserts. And they're wonderful for flavouring crèmes, mousses and pastry interiors with a Lemon twist. Melting, tempering and cooling work in exactly the same way as our classic white chocolates. Just unleash your creativity. The taste buds of your customers will follow. Lemon Callets™ are made with 100% AZO-free colours.

You can use it in chocolate bars or hollow figures. With its all-round fluidity, is perfect for a wide range of applications ranging from moulding and enrobing to mousses and more.


Sugar 51.0%, cocoa butter 27.5%, whole milk powder 20.0%, colour: E132, E100, emulsifier; soya lecithin<1% natural lemon flavouring<1%, natural vanilla flavouring<1%. Certified kosher.



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