Our Story

Our Story

It all started back in 2013 with a chat around the kitchen table.  Carol had recently got back into baking now that she had a new kitchen to play in, and was frustrated to find that adding different natural flavours to her bakes wasn’t as simple as it ought to be.  So, out of the desire to find a simple way of bringing a natural boost to her bakes with ease, the recipe for Sugar and Crumbs was born.

After months of research, the company launched at the Cake International Show at the Birmingham NEC in November 2013.  The response to the first range of fifteen Natural Flavoured Icing Sugars was immediate and home bakers were tasting and buying the innovative products in their droves.  The company started initially from the family kitchen and within twelve months the husband and wife team had to start looking for premises.  Moving to an industrial unit has allowed the company to grow and pursue larger contracts, as well as expand the range of products offered through the retail website.

Borne on by the steady and continual growth in its young history, Sugar and Crumbs has been able to expand the Natural Flavoured range from that first fifteen to an impressive thirty plus different flavours, all of which are free from allergens, colourings and preservatives, but packed full of 100% high-quality, natural flavour.  With traditional favourites such as Lemon Drizzle and Velvet Vanilla (which tastes just like Cornish vanilla ice-cream by the way), to new combinations such as Strawberry Daiquiri and Toffee Apple, there is a Natural Flavoured Icing Sugar that you are bound to enjoy.

But what do I do with it?  Is it a baking mix?  These are questions Carol and the team are commonly asked by people who haven’t tried it before.  Think of Natural Flavoured Icing Sugar as an enhanced version of your ordinary icing sugar.  The company work hard in the kitchen developing new recipes that have been given the Sugar and Crumbs treatment plus we welcome submissions from our baking community.  This Natural Flavoured range is perfect for many different applications such as buttercream, icing, Royal icing, meringues, macarons, cheesecake, fudge and gourmet marshmallows to name but a few.

“Well I prefer using liquid flavouring and icing sugar” – and that’s absolutely fine.  We’re glad that home bakers have developed their own techniques for adding natural flavour to their bakes and cake decoration.  By choosing Sugar and Crumbs Natural Flavoured Icing Sugar, we are enabling home bakers to experience a natural boost to their bakes and desserts with ease.  You don’t have to overthink the recipe or adjust the mix to compensate for the liquid flavouring (even a little bit too much can upset a meringue mix), AND these ingredients give home bakers confidence to experiments with new natural flavoured combinations with ease.  How many times have you found half-used bottles of liquid flavouring in the cupboard because you only needed to use it one time?  This product range now gives you the extra choice you never had before and the handy re-sealable 500g bag is a great size for trying out a recipe.  Now you can choose to use one product instead of two or three and achieve fantastic, flavoursome results.  Who wouldn’t want to give that a try?

Now as the company approaches the end of their third year, the future is looking bright.  With the addition of new lines such as the Natural Flavoured Cocoa Powder range and the Nifty Nozzles range plus the launch of a fantastic new website in August 2016, there is no sign of complacency for this small British company.  More and more stockists are joining the Stockist Network across Europe, which is enabling Sugar and Crumbs to bring this innovative range created out of a desire for convenience and simplicity, to more and more home bakers.  The company is also now proud to be working with National chains such as CDS The Range and Hobbycraft, which has seen positive results and growth so far.

The company also takes pride in listening to its customers and since inception has taken customer feedback very seriously.  The customer, both the trade customer and retail customer remain a key focus along with the product range itself, which is manufactured on site.  By listening to the customers, the packaging and labelling for the Natural Flavoured range has gone through several iterations to the current version on the shelves.  The company have also introduced seasonal Limited Editions in response to customer demand.

“We’re all customers ourselves and it is important for our team to remember this when dealing with our customers.  I always strive to treat our customers as I would want to be treated myself” says Carol.