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PME Plastic Squeezy Bottles

Perfect for making your drip cakes with.

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PME Plastic Squeezy Bottles

PME Plastic Squeezy Bottles are perfect for making your drip cakes with. These squeezy bottles are really easy to use and have an applicator nozzle. That is great for using with chocolate, candy melts, sauces or jams.

In fact, PME Plastic Squeezy Bottles are so simple to use - just remove the lid and 1/2 fill the bottle. Then replace the lid and place into bowl of hot water to warm contents.  Or use the defrost setting on microwave in 20 second bursts.

PME Plastic Squeezy Bottles - 85g capacity each bottle, a pack of 2.  Main body of each bottle measures 92mm tall x 40mm diameter.

In fact, you can use these bottles for filling moulds easily and with precision, flood cookies with run out icing or decorate desserts and cakes. These bottle are easy to use and convenient. You only have to melt chocolate melts with ease, then fill your mould with no mess! Melt candy right in the bottle, then squeeze out into moulds. Great way to store and reheat leftover candy.


When filling bottles make a disposable cone with parchment or greaseproof paper. Or pour icing etc into a food bag, snip off the corner and guide into your squeeze bottle!

These 3oz (85g) bottles reduce waste and mess, and are easily cleaned in warm, soapy water.

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