More than Cake – A Royal Mix – Royal Icing

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More than Cake – A Royal Mix – Royal Icing

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More than Cake – A Royal Mix – Royal Icing


More than Cake – A Royal Mix – Royal Icing


A Royal Mix is a Royal Icing premix that creates smaller batches, minimizes waste, controls the users cost, plus, tested very well in various climates.  We are promoted and endorsed by International Master Sugar Artist, Michael Lewis-Anderson and Kathleen Lange, who collaborated in testing our product.  We have made Royal easy!

When combined with your favorite flavoured icing sugar from Sugar and Crumbs, high quality confectioners sugar and warm water per recipe, you get the finest quality royal every time, with the added benefit of a delicious flavour.

A royal icing pre mix.  Finally!  This bag of Pre-Mix will save you money, time, and the struggle of making the perfect royal!    It has a 2 yr shelf life. Makes up to 8 lbs of Royal Icing.  Make as little as 1 or 2 cup recipe at a time.  That saves a lot of waste!  55% savings over ready to use 1 lb bags. No more putting left overs in the fridge and thowing it away a week or two later.  Great for piping, flooding cookies, meringues.  Even covering petit fours!   Just keep it on your shelf.   Simply mix with your confectionery sugar and water.  That’s it!

If you wish to colour use powdered colour dust mixed with a small amount of water in to a paste before you add.

257g package contains 16 recipes which makes 8 pounds of Royal Icing for less than 50% of the cost of ready made 1 pound packages.


A Royal Mix is in recyclable packaging, Gluten Free, BPA FREE, Kosher


What Michael has to say


It’s incredible, I wouldn’t work with anything else now  Also adding Sugar and Crumbs flavoured icing sugar just enhances the flavour  to a new level,  it taste delicious  try there Black Cherry


What Kathleen has to say


I have worked with all types and recipes of royal icing for 39 years. I absolutely love the New Product, “A Royal Mix, ” just add 10x confectioner’s sugar & water. You can make 1 cup at a time with a hand mixer…no waste!

Anyone who does a lot of royal icing work will appreciate using a #0 for Oriental Stringwork and not have to switch bags after 15 min.

This cake was done with decorating parchment cone at CookieCon Show. This royal icing was played with and worked in the same bag over 6 hours; no bubbles, no breakage no paddling or seiving of icing…incredible strong royal icing.

Once you try “A Royal Mix”, you won’t work with any other type. One package will make up to 8# of confectioners sugar/ royal icing, self life 2 years. Flavor with 1/16- 1/8 tsp per 2 cup recipe Perfect Palate Flavor, Color with powder color and will not compromise strength of icing or cause seperation of color. AMAZING!



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