Culpitt – Floral Wire – Dark Green – 28 gauge – Pack of 50

Culpitt – Floral Wire – Dark Green – 28 gauge – Pack of 50 are ideal for making sugar flowers.

In addition, this wire has a matt finish. You always have to put wire decorations into a plastic posy pic, and insert the posy pic into the cake. Please, do not put the wires directly into a cake.

Also, it is very simple to use. You only have to cut to required length with wire cutters. Make a hook, if required, on one end using tweezers (this will help secure and hold the wire in place when inserting into the flower). Apply edible glue to the hook and insert into flower. After inserting, leave to dry. Cover with floral tape for a more realistic finish. Do not insert wires directly into a cake, always use a flower pic/flower holder.

Note: 18g is the thickest wire graduating down to 30g which is the finest.

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