JEM – Twist Nozzle – Star- 22T & 23T – 2 Pack

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JEM – Twist Nozzle – Star- 22T & 23T – 2 Pack

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JEM – Twist Nozzle – Defined Star- 22T & 23T – 2 Pack

JEM – Twist Nozzle – Defined Star- 22T & 23T is a pack a 2 nozzles. It allows you to achieve a quick, simple and effective way to pipe daisies, sunflowers and gerberas. It also creates a sharp defined star shaped ring.

These NEW nozzles from JEM feature a unique centre tube. This creates a perfect open centre to add embellishments or flood fill. Each nozzle set features an18 and 25mm star design.

So, JEM – Twist Nozzle – Defined Star- 22T & 23T are perfect to pipe meringues, cookies, biscuits and flowers. As you can see, this set includes 22T Piping Nozzle (20.5mm x 18 stars) and 23T Piping Nozzle (30.1mm x 24 stars). Furthermore, they are made from seamless stainless steel, and including two sizes, this set of piping nozzles will allow you to create star-shaped ring biscuits and cookies, and decorate cupcakes with ease.

When you are using your stainless steel piping nozzles, you simply have to cut your piping bag to the size required and pop your nozzle into the bag. In addition, if you want to change your tips with ease then simply attach a coupler to your piping bag. So, this will allow you to change your nozzle without having to change your icing bag.

In addition, for best results, we recommend holding the piping bag in a vertical position, just above the surface, and apply an even pressure. Twisting the tube whilst piping will create a curved star/petal shape. You can use them with Large Fabric and or Disposable Piping Bags. Also you don’t need an adaptor.

Once finished, fill the centres with jams, jelly, fruits or sugar sprinkles for added flavour!

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