L – 04 – 3 Petal Cream Tulip by Nifty Nozzles


L – 04 – 3 Petal Cream Tulip by Nifty Nozzles

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L – 04 – 3 Petal Cream Tulip by Nifty Nozzles

Please be aware of Infringing COPIES.  Nifty Nozzles is the Genuine Russian Flower Nozzle registered with EUIPO and WIPO – If it’s not a Nifty Nozzle it’s a copy!  What is EUIPO and WIPO? This is the European Union Intellectual Property Office and Worldwide Intellectual Property Office.  This is where our patents are registered to protect us Nifty Nozzles by Sugar and Crumbs. We work in partnership with Alexander Lebedev the original designer.

Feel free to report to us sellers selling copies of our patented nozzles. These sellers are committing a criminal offence to sell copies of our designs. Are you aware you can claim your money back from an authorised seller?  If they are selling a copy that has a patent you are entitled to a full refund by law, also you can report to trading standards.

Nozzles are marked with the manufacturer’s mark of aunthenticity. Tulip – Russian and Nifty Nozzles.

We are the Main European Distributor of the Genuine Russian Flower Nifty Nozzles – create beautiful roses, tulips and flowers with these easy to use Nifty Nozzles.

Looking to be a stockist of Nifty Nozzles – than call us for more information on 0161 393 5053. Or email info.sugarandcrumbs@icloud.com

Manufactured in Russia by Tulip working together with Nifty Nozzles.

Fully tested to comply with EU regulations. Dishwasher proof, will not rust.

Size per nozzle 40mm (h)

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Get swifty with a Nifty Nozzle, decorate stunning cakes in minutes.

Tips for using Nifty Nozzles

Wash your new nozzles thoroughly before use

Use smaller strong disposable bags – more than a handful of buttercream is too much – you can always refill

Pop your nozzle into the piping bag, cut the bag so the nozzle is just in line with the cut

Fill your piping bag with your chosen colour buttercream

Twist your filled bag

Put a fresh thin coating of buttercream onto your cupcake or cake

Hold your filled bag of buttercream and sit on top of your cake

Once sat, begin to squeeze as it attaches to the cake, gently squeeze and pull up 1cm, stop squeezing, pull off

Repeat until you have enough flowers for your new created cake

Add leaves and berries to enhance your cake, using the Wilton tips round 10, 5 and leaf 352.

Buttercream Recipe


500g of Unsalted Butter at room temperature or Lightly Salted Butter if you prefer to take the sweetness away.

1kg of Sugar and Crumbs flavoured icing sugar of your choice.

1-2 tablespoons of Condensed Milk – this helps to make it creamy if you prefer you can use boiled water or milk.


Beat the butter until light and whippy

Add Sugar and Crumbs flavoured icing sugar of your choice and condensed milk or other liquid you prefer

Chop this in with a spatula, then pop into the mixer.  Cover mixer with a tea towel – to prevent an icing cloud, then whip till all incorporated and fluffy.

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