NY Cake – Stiletto High Heel Shoe Kit by Lisa Mansour


NY Cake – Stiletto High Heel Shoe Kit by Lisa Mansour

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NY Cake – Stiletto High Heel Shoe Kit by Lisa Mansour

Create fashionable stiletto shoes in a snap with Lisa Mansour, an award-winning expert in cake decoration. Lisa has been approved as a Wilton Method Instructor, appeared on Not My Mama’s Cooking Show on The Cooking Channel and Martha Stewart Radio plus much more.

Including in this kit:

Stiletto High Heel Silicone Moulds (Made from food grade silicone).

Drying Ramp.

Heel Strap Former.

Templates for the shoe, heel and toe strap.

All of this, wrapped up in a stylish black shoe box.

Shoe heel can be made with chocolate, Isomalt, sugarpaste or gumpaste.

The finished shoe will measure approx.: 4.5” high (11.4cm)


1. Firstly, grease the silicone heel mould with some vegetable fat (shortening). Once this is done, knead your sugarpaste (fondant and place it into the mould. Using an angled spatula with a thin edge, move down the mould to remove any excess sugarpaste. When finished, place into the freezer for 10 minutes, this will speed up the curing time of the sugarpaste.

2. Place the heel mould upside down and unmould onto work surface. In order for the heel to be the correct height, it might be necessary to elongate the heel by stretching it. Carefully and slowly stretch the heel with your forefinger and thumb until it is the same height as your Styrofoam drying former.

3. Once the heel is the desired length, place it flat onto your work surface and let the feel dry overnight or longer if the time allows.

4. Add tylose to sugarpaste. Tylose allows your sugarpaste to dry faster, stronger and harder. Use a small rolling pin, roll the sugarpaste thin (about ¼ inch (0.64cm) thick). Place the sole templace on the sugarpaste and use a cutting wheel to cut out the pattern.

5. Dust your drying former with cornstarch. Stand heel up at the back of the drying form and place the sole onto it, lining up the heel with the back of the former. Use some glue or piping gel to attach the heel to the sole. Press firmly ensuring that the sole and heel are connected.

6. Create an inner sole by rolling out some more sugarpaste (thinner than the sole) and again placing the sole patter on to trace. In order for the inner sole to show, trim the inner sole slightly, ¼” (0.64cm) smaller than the pattern. Use a stitching tool to create realistic detail to the inner sole.

7. Use glue or piping gel to attach the inner sole to the existing sole of your shoe. Press to attached firmly.

8. Decide what type of shoe you are making, open toe or closed toe. Add tylose to your sugarpaste and again roll out to about ¼ (0.64cm) inch thick . Place the corresponding template down and cut around with a cutting wheel or knife.

9. Use glue or piping gel to attach the heel strap to the heel and sole made previously.

10. Repeat the same process to create the toe of the shoe. Use glue or piping gel to attach and press firmly to ensure the toe is connected to the sole. If the shoe does not want to hold it’s shape you can use paper towels or foam to prop up the toe in order for it to dry.

11. Add embellishments as desired to finish off the shoe.


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