PME – Brushes Craft – Set of 5

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PME – Brushes Craft – Set of 5

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PME – Brushes Craft – Set of 5

PME – Brushes Craft – Set of 5 – Set of 5 includes fine, small and medium round brushes. Also, it comes with both round and flat nylon brush heads that are strong and durable. The clear plastic handles are also fitted with rubber grips for greater control and easy of use.

In fact, a set of good quality brushes are essential for a cake decorators cupboard and this set of PME – Brushes Craft, in various sizes, is perfect to start you off. So, this set of PME cover a wide range of decorating tasks. Ranging from small to large and round to flat they are suitable for a range of purposes from painting and fine detail too.

Round Brushes
Fine (width of tip 1mm). They are great for painting and adding fine detail like facial features on modelled figures and animals.
Small (width of tip 3mm). It is an essential brush for any cake decorator, ideal when using edible glue for attaching decorations and preparing sugar flowers.
Medium (width of tip 10mm). They are wonderful for good strong brush strokes like brush embroidery.
Flat Brushes 
Small (width of tip 3mm). It is ideal for edges and producing lines and for all those little extra touches of detail.
Large (width of tip 13mm). It is a basic essential for dusting and adding powdered colours to sugar flowers and leaves.

Furthermore, The round and flat nylon brush heads are strong and durable and the clear plastic handleshave rubber strips for greater control and ease of use. The approximate measurements are:

  • Small flat (5mm) – a finer flat brush  for smaller detail.
  • Large flat (12mm) – essential for dusting flowers and leaves, and all bigger jobs.

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