PME – Cake Slicing/Cake Levelling Knife – Blade 10″ (254mm)

PME – Cake Slicing/Cake Levelling Knife – Blade 10″ (254mm)

This Cake Slicing / Cake levelling knife comes totally protected in its own packaging. It is a 1 in 2 knife as it is serrated one side for slicing, flat other side to use as a palette knife for covering cakes with frostings, etc.

When baking and decorating cakes and treats its much easier to have the “right tools for the job”. Whatever aspect of cake making you are at, there is a knife for your needs; there is our serrated cake knife – ideal for cutting your cake into shape. Also, our palette knives – for all your “spreading” jobs and our tapered and angles palette knife – for lifting and positioning your decorations!

The blade is stainless steel with black and ergonomic handle, which means your fingers stay out of the icing and you have a comfy grip. So, This Cake Slicing / Cake levelling knife allows you to  carve and level your cakes quickly and easily. It will slice up to a 10” cake.

To cut a cake into even layers, you will first need to use a paring knife to score the entire outside edge of the cake halfway up the side. Go slowly, get down at eye-level if necessary, and don’t cut too deeply. Then, take This Cake Slicing / Cake levelling knife and cut through the cake along the indentation made with the paring knife. Again, go slowly to maintain accuracy, there’s no need to rush. Finally. use the knife to lift the top layer off of the bottom layer. Your cake should be sturdy enough to lift easily, without any buckling or crumbling.

Also, is dishwasher safe. Dry thoroughly after washing.

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