Poly-Dowels® – White – 16 inch – Pack 12

Poly-Dowels® – White – 16 inch – Pack 12

Interior Cake Pillars

The Official POLY-DOWELS ®

Provides support for multi-tiered cakes. Designed most importantly for the cake artist. The patented design and special plastic formula guarantee the quality of each Poly-Dowels ®.

Replaces old fashioned wood dowels

No splinters, no saws.


Not chemically treated. Poly-Dowels® are made of 100% food grade plastic.

Operationally Supreme

Simple to use, easy to measure and cut for a perfect fit.


Manufactured only in USA

Poly-Dowels™ are specially designed plastic dowels for building stacked and tiered cakes.

To use, simply cut your Poly-Dowels to size, then push them into your cake. This will give your cake the support it needs to hold the next tier.

What makes Poly-Dowels so great?

• They are specifically engineered to hold an immense weight.

• The standard size can hold a small, 3 tier cake.

• Poly-Dowels have internal ridges for additional support.

• They pass through the cake, rather than compress it like traditional dowels.

• They are not prone to collapsing, so you can trust that they will hold your cake steady.

• Easy to cut.

• Easy to see when assembling a cake.

• Disposable, but can be reused.

• Food safe.

The dowels are sold individually, so you can order as many as you need for your cake project.

Questions from customers:

Q: What is the material Poly-Dowels are made of?

A: Poly-Dowels are made of Virgin Polypropylene resin. The bubble tea straws are the same plastic as drinking straws but thicker.

Large 16″ Poly-Dowels measure approximately – Length: 16” (40cm), diameter 0.4” (1.5cm)


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