Queen of Hearts – Flower Nail Stainless Steel

Queen of Hearts – Flower Nail Stainless Steel

Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes’ INNOVATION


Our SUPERIOR QUALITY Flower Nails are made from Food Grade Certified Stainless Steel, SS304, with HIGH POLISH finish. Suitable for professional and home use. EU Food Grade APPROVED.

This high quality extra-large flower nail is a cake decorating essential. It can be used as a mini turntable when decorating small details or as an aid for ease when flower piping. Simply rotate the flower nail between your forefingers and your thumb as you pipe.

The STURDIEST Flower Nail in the market!

• Plate is 1mm thick – will NEVER bend
• Fits perfectly in our flower nail holders
• 2.5in diameter WIDE & FLAT surface to fit big flowers
• High Polish – Rust Protected
• Durability GUARANTEED – 2.5in long
• Dual purpose – can be used as heating core
• Handwash only


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