Rapid Rose – Ultimate Rose & Peony Bundle

This set includes:
1 x Rapid Rose – the Five-Petal Rose Support Pad
1 x set of Five-Petal Rose cutters (90mm, 80mm, 70mm & 60mm)
1 x set of Extra Large Five-Petal Rose cutters (100mm & 120mm)
1 x Water Brush Pen
1 x set of five prepared 20mm Polystyrene buds, for use with smaller cutters
1 x set of three prepared 25mm Polystyrene buds, for use with extra large cutters

Plus Perfect Peony five-petal cutters for use with the Rapid Rose to make sugarpaste peonies, these food-safe cutters will cut a five-petal shape all at once, saving valuable time when sugar crafting and making sugar flowers.

You will also receive a FREE DIGITAL copy of our Rapid Rose tutorial, packed with step-by-step pictures and detailed instructions to help you make impressive, perfect sugar roses. (There is a web address and code on a card within the packaging for the Rapid Rose which will give you access to download the tutorial.)


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