PME – Scriber Needle Modelling Tool

Scriber Needle Modelling Tool of PME is ideal for transferring a design onto your icing. It allows you to create leaf patterns, custom designs and intricate details to enhance your cakes to a professional quality.

You can use the Scriber Needle Modelling Tool with a range of icing types, including fondant, gum paste, rolled icing, petal paste, modelling paste and royal icing.

Create veined leaves and floral details for sugar flower bouquets, as well as other fine details. To transfer designs, place a pattern or guide onto the surface and gently scribe around the shape. It measures approximately 144mm (5.7inches) and is made from durable plastic and stainless steel. Also, they are ideal for adding intricate details to your icing designs.

You can use the scriber modelling tool to create detailed features on the faces of models, create patterns on sugar paste and modelling paste to make it look like fabric or to create custom designs. It is good for making templates and small dots well.

You can use the scriber as a way of creating veined leaves and floral details for sugar flower bouquets.

In addtion, the scriber needle itself is finer than many others available, giving you an extra edge when creating complex details.

It is also a handy tool to lift sugarpaste and florist paste from out of a mould without damaging the finished decoration. So, it is a fantastic tool, one of the essential items for your tool kit.

It is so easy to clean, you only have to wash in warm soapy water and dry thoroughly.

PME tools offer a huge range of professional equipment. All have instructions enclosed for ease of understanding.

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