Sugar Paste Direct – White – Traditional – 5Kg

Sugarpaste Direct is the much loved brand of artisan sugarpaste and the only choice for those that want to give their cakes the professional finish they deserve.

We are proud to bring you Sugarpaste Direct, one of the most popular brands of sugarpaste, known both for its quality and easy workability.

Sugarpaste Direct is now back at its best, and with so many decorators championing its smooth finish and easy use, its no wonder that it is so sought after professionals and home bakers alike.

Made right here in Britain from the very finest ingredients, Sugarpaste Direct is known for its satin-like finish. It can also be rolled much thinner than most other sugarpaste brands and does not crack or cause elephant skin if stretched.

Sugarpaste Direct is also perfect for modelling. With the addition of a little CMC/tylo powder you can create models and flowers that remain firm yet still maintain that glossy finish.

Sugarpaste Direct is a family run business that have been producing premium artisan sugarpaste for 15 years. The icing sugar used is specifically milled to an extra fine eleven microns to give a silky smooth finish and the sugarpaste is supple enough to enable the user to massage with consummate ease to activate the gum tragacanth to give good elasticity and pinning out properties.

The sugarpaste is easy to knead and excellent for covering wedding, anniversary and celebration cakes and can be coloured using gel paste colourings. It is also great value for money as it can be rolled thinly, allowing your to cover more area of cake with a smaller amount of sugarpaste compared with other brands.

The sugarpaste comes vacuum sealed to lock in freshness.

Suitable for vegetarians, vegans.

Gluten and dairy free.

Store away from sunlight.

Pack contains 2x 2.5kg packs.

Ingredients: Sugar (83%), Glucose, Water, Glycerine, Palm Oil, Mono-dygliseride, Gum Tragacanth, Flavouring, Perservative (Potassium Sorbate).


How much sugarpaste do I need to cover my Cake?

     Round      Square
5″ 400g 450g
6″ 450g 675g
7″ 675g 800g
8″ 800g 900g
9″ 900g 1.1kg
10″ 1.1kg 1.5kg
11″ 1.5kg 1.8kg
12″ 1.8kg 1.9kg
13″ 1.9kg 2.2kg
14″ 2.2kg 2.5kg



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