Sugarflair – Rejuvenator Spirit Isopropyl Alcohol – 14ml

  •         100% Edible
  •         14ml
  •         Perfect for making paint
  •         High Quality
  •         Contains Alcohol

Use Rejuvenator Spirit with Colour Splash dusts and Lustre powders to make an edible paint.

Sugarflair Rejuvenator Spirit is a food grade iso-propyl alcohol (99.9% pure) which can be used to dilute paste colourings to form an edible paint/liquid colouring. It can also be added to any of the full range of Blossom Tints, edible Lustres, Rainbow Dusts or Craft Dusting Powders to create edible paints and liquid colourings. Bring new life to pots of dry icing colouring pastes or icing colouring pens, extending their life and saving you money. Can also be used as a Confectioners Glaze cleaner. 280ml

Isopropyl Alcohol. Please note that this product is FLAMMABLE and NOT to be consumed in large quantities.


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