Sweet Stamp by AmyCakes – Cookie/Cupcake – ROUND Tacky Pad

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Sweet Stamp by AmyCakes – Cookie/Cupcake – ROUND Tacky Pad

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Sweet Stamp by AmyCakes – Cookie/Cupcake – ROUND Tacky Pad

Sweet Stamp by AmyCakes – Cookie/Cupcake – ROUND Tacky Pad

The Tacky Pad is the easiest to apply your SWEET STAMP letters.

It’s never been easier and prettier to apply personalized messages to your cakes, cookies and cupcakes.

3″ wide.

With SWEET STAMP by AmyCakes you can easily emboss your message or name then paint. No more messing around with frustrating and time consuming cutters or struggling to find modern and elegant lettering.

Using SWEET STAMP couldn’t be easier. Here’s how :



How to remove your letters or embellishments from your Sweet Stamp pad.

Unwrap carefully, than over a clear work top gently tip your pad upside down, just give little taps until the letters, numbers, symbols all fall out.  You may have to give one or two of them a little assistance with a scriber needle.

Once everything is out of the pad, ensure all the little triangle bits are removed too.  Than place each letter, number and symbol back into the pad.  Once you are completely sure all items are safe in the pad all the little bits of off cuts please throw away.

Now your ready to use your Sweet Stamps 🙂

How to store

Place in to a shoe box the correct way up, or a container.  However always remember to take them out carefully and not to tip upside down.

How to use:

  1. Roll out sugarpaste on to your board or cake.

2. Arrange your letters on to the board, play with them until you’re happy, they always look more effective if you use a Capital letter to start each word, followed by a lower case letters. In some instances you may have to leave a space for a duplicate letter.

3.  Arrange your stamps on to fresh sugarpaste – if you wait for it to dry, they will not impress properly, also with pressure you could possible break them.

4. Once arranged, either use a cake card or a tacky pad to press down evenly, try to press only enough to see the imprint.  If you press deep they still look effective, just deeper.

5. Lift off cake card or tacky pad and gently ease out the letters from the sugarpaste with a scriber needle.

6.  You are now ready to paid with edible dusts.  We have a great selection here plus brushes.

Things to thing about

These are made of acrylic and like all things delicate they can break, therefore if you drop them, or bend them, there is a big possibility they will break.  Eg if you drop your smart phone or iPad, cake, glass, bottle they will break, this applies to the stamps too, so treasure them, they will give you lots of pleasure, add a real effect to your cakes that will give the Wow! factor.

For replacement letters you can contact Amy direct at – amycakestoppers@gmail.com

Now go and enjoy your beautiful product.

Carol xx


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