2Wilton – Decorating Tip Size 224


Wilton – Decorating Tip Size 224

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Wilton – Decorating Tip Size 224

Wilton – Decorating Tip Size 224

Small drop flower decorating tip. Tip works with standard bags and couplers.

I just love using this tip for filling in the spaces between the flowers when using Nifty Nozzles.

Product description

Cake decorating couldn’t be easier with the No.224 Small Drop Flower Decorating Tip by Wilton. With this fantastic decorating tip, you can start adding flower petals, ruffles and more to your cakes!

These tips are a great way to create specific decorations and shapes that will turn any home baked cake into a finely detailed masterpiece. With a tip to produce almost every shape and intricate detail, these cake craft tools are a must-have for every icing connoisseur. To use, simply screw your decorating tip onto Wilton decorating icing pouches or tubes, and start creating your unique designs!

These high quality icing tips are made from durable nickel-plated brass enabling them to hold their shape and create precise decorations time and time again. Due to the high quality brass the tips are dishwasher safe and rust-proof for a quick and easy clean-up.

  • Creates flower petal designs
  • Made of nickel-plated brass
  • Works with standard icing pouches and tubes

Wilton No.224 Small Drop Flower Decorating Tip

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