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S&C Tempered Compound Chocolate - Fudge 500g

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New to Sugar and Crumbs, Fudge Compound Chocolate which is already tempered!


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S&C Tempered Fudge Compound Chocolate 500g

New to Sugar and Crumbs, Fudge Compound Chocolate which is already tempered!

Chocolate making and decorating is going to be so so easy, you will just love playing with your new chocolate moulds, making chocolate drips, however, do remember when using chocolate for drips your cake must be cold, pop in the fridge for 20 mins before adding the drip.

  • Does not need tempering.
  • High resistance to temperature.
  • Excellent shine.
  • Very good snap.

Compound Chocolate? Unlike standard chocolatecompound chocolate uses cocoa powder instead of chocolate liquor, and oil instead of cocoa butter. This means compound chocolate can be melted down without tempering and will still set just fine.

What is Compound Chocolate?

Just like ‘real’ chocolate, compound chocolate’s main ingredient comes from the cacao bean. However, the crucial difference is the level of cocoa butter. Compound chocolate uses vegetable fats, such as coconut oil, soy, or palm kernel oil, in place of cocoa butter.

Many manufacturers choose to replace cocoa butter with vegetable fats to reduce costs, as ingredients like coconut oil are cheaper to source than authentic cocoa butter. Compound chocolate can also be less complex to produce, as it doesn’t require careful heating and cooling (tempering) to give it a glossy finish.

This is because cocoa butter is formed of complex crystals that need to be tempered. This takes a little more time and attention, but perfectly tempered chocolate is shiny, breaks with a satisfying snap and melts delicately on the tongue. The tempering process also prevents ‘fat bloom’, which is where cocoa butter rises to the surface, causing a matte, cloudy appearance.

As with real chocolate, compound chocolate can still come in an array of cacao percentages. Dark and milk compound chocolates contain some cacao solids, though often this is cocoa powder rather than chocolate liquor. White compound chocolate is essentially a combination of sugar, vegetable fats, milk and emulsifiers. Though it can be enhanced by flavourings, it contains none of the textures, tastes and aromas you get with true chocolate.

What is the difference between Compound Chocolate and Chocolate?

Cocoa butter gives real chocolate a rich, velvety texture that’s ideal for savouring slowly. Cocoa butter melts at human body temperature; around 37°C. This gives it a melt-in-the-mouth sensation for a truly decadent tasting experience.

The vegetable fats in compound chocolate have a slightly higher melting point. Melting around 45℃, it’ll need a good chew – or some patience – before it melts, rather than dissolving on your tongue at first bite. On the plus side, it will also stay solid in warmer temperatures, so can be handy to take on a picnic!

What is it used for?

Compound chocolate makes it more affordable to buy. That means many commercial confectionery brands use these cacao options over higher-quality chocolate to mass-produce reasonibly priced chocolate goods for consumers.

As well as being cheaper to create, compound chocolate can give producers more flexibility. The amount of oil or fat that you add can change the properties of the chocolate. This versatility makes it a popular choice for cooking and baking. Chocolate coatings used for decorating cakes, for example, tend to be made from compound chocolate as it will harden to form a shell around the soft baked goods.

Some confectioners like to use it for moulded designs. That’s because it can be melted and poured straight in without tempering.

It’s also often used for filling and coating candy bars and biscuits, advent calandars and so much more.

How to use

Pop 500g of chocolate into a glass or plastic bowl, pop into the microwave to melt for 30 seconds, take out stirring all the time, even though its still in chuncks keep stirring.  Pop back into the microwave again for another 30 seconds and repeat, you do this until you have completed 2 minutes, once done you just keep stirring.  If you need to pop in the microwave again then do so in 10 second blasts, however, do not heat until fully melted, its much better if there are a few chunks left for you to stir in completely.

Note: if you melt till its fully melted you risk the chance of blooming. Also why not flavour with our delicious Flavour Shots, you only need 10-12g per 500g of chocolate.

Watch Karen Griffiths on her Facebook, lives via YouTube using this wonderful chocolate.


Ingredients Allergens in Bold

Sugar, Palm Oil, Whey Powder (Milk), fortified Wheat Flour (Wheat, Flour, Calcium Carbonate, Niacin, Iron, Thiamine), Fat Reduced Cocoa Powder, Cocoa Butter, Emulsifier: Soya Lecithin; Natural Flavouring, Colour: Beta Carotenes.

Suitable for:
Halalpage3image38183360 page3image38176640page3image38190464 
Nutritional per 100g
Energy (kj/kcal) 2309/553
Fat (g) 34
of which saturates (g) 28
Carbohydrates (g) 57
of which sugars (g) 49
Protien (g) 4.0
Salt (g) 0.30page3image38182976 page3image38183936


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