Cake Lace & Accessories

Cake Lace & Accessories

Cake Lace

What are Cake Lace products?

Cake lace is a fabulous range of different sized/different designs of silicone mats and mixes to make your own edible lace at home.

The mats can be used to create a number of projects; cupcake wrappers, bands of lace, individual items such as bows, flowers and leaves, to large projects to cover the entire sides and/or top of your cakes.

The lace itself is available in a large 500g tub in white, which you mix as little or as much as you wish.  It can be coloured using gel colours, or by mixing a powder colour of your choice into a thick liquid which then can be added to the lace mix.  Alternatively, it can be dusted and lustred using powder colours and lustres once dried.

It is also available as a pre-mix, which is available in 200g tubs in a variety of beautiful pearlised colours.

There is also a spreading knife available to ensure you get an even finish to your lace, which also helps to minimise any wastage.



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