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Colour Splash Sprays

What are Colour Splash Spray products?

A range of edible metallic food colour sprays in either 100ml or 400ml aerosols that can be sprayed directly onto your buttercream, sugarpaste, almond paste, flower paste and gum paste project to give a beautiful shimmery lustre finish, allowing you to highlight, enhance and decorate your creations.  Can also be used on other materials, such as artificial flowers, leaves, ribbons etc, to enhance anything that you are using to embellish your project.

We recommend that you shake well before use, then spray a little onto a piece of paper towel to begin with so you can achieve the right depth of colour to your work.  Hold at a 45 degree angle and at least 8"/20cm from the area you are going to cover.

After use, we recommend you hold the can upside down and give one short spray onto paper towel to clear the nozzle.  If unused for some time and the nozzle blocks, place the can upside down in a pot of hot water for a couple of minutes.

  1. Colour Splash Edible Metallic SPRAY Pearl 400ml*


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