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What are Easybake products?

Easybake produce a range of greaseproof, non stick circular liners for your cake tins in packs of 20, in size 6/15cm, 7"/18cm, 8"/20cm, 9"/23cm and 10"/25cm .  It also comes in 5m and 10m rolls, so you can create your own size and shape, enabling you to line your smaller/larger tins, and shaped tins such as squares, hearts and numbers, etc.

It reduces the time needed to line your tins, as they fit straight in, with no need for grease.

Simple to use, and storage should be either flat or rolled. Do not fold or crease.  Care should be taken when using sharp implements or scourers as it may break the greaseproof paper.

  1. Easybake Greaseproof Cake Liner 10cm x 25m


    RRP: £4.99 | Save: £0.74

    Out of stock
  2. Easybake Greaseproof Cake Liner 15cm x 25m


    RRP: £4.99 | Save: £0.24

    In stock
  3. Easybake Greaseproof Circles 10 Inch 25cm Pack of 20


    RRP: £4.49 | Save: £1.00

    In stock
  4. Easybake Greaseproof Circles 6 Inch 15cm Pack of 20


    RRP: £2.99 | Save: £0.74

    In stock
  5. Easybake Greaseproof Circles 7 inch 18cm Pack of 20


    RRP: £3.49 | Save: £1.00

    In stock
  6. Easybake Greaseproof Circles 8 Inch 20cm Pack of 20


    RRP: £3.49 | Save: £0.69

    Out of stock
  7. Easybake Greaseproof Circles 9 Inch 23cm Pack of 20


    RRP: £3.99 | Save: £1.00

    In stock
  8. Easybake Silicone Greaseproof Parchment Roll 5m x 30cm


    RRP: £3.35 | Save: £1.00

    Out of stock