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Evil Cake Genius

Evil Cake Genius

What are Evil Cake Genius products?

Evil Cake Genius produce high quality stainless steel combs to create beautiful effects in your buttercream or ganache, giving you a flawless finish to your designs.

Evil Cake Genius also produce the 'Lil Rolly Frosting Finisher - designed to take the difficulty of smoothing out your buttercream ganache and royal icing.  It is also capable of rolling away any air bubbles, mistakes created by knife marks, fingernail, etc and is very easy to use. It is particularly useful for shaped cakes, such as domes, complex curves or even square cornered cakes.

The pack consists of 1 handle, and 3 rollers.  Care needs to be taken to secure the roller to the handle to make sure it clicks into place, roll the roller in icing sugar or cornflour, then roll over your project and your ridges and mistakes just simply disappear! You may need to reload your roller with more icing sugar/cornflour if you are doing a large surface.

The product is 100% food safe, and can be washed and reused lots of times.


  1. Evil Cake Genius Lil Rolly Frosting Finisher Pack - 3 rolls and handle


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