Faye Cahill

Faye Cahill

Faye Cahill Dusts

What are Faye Cahill Dusts?

They are a beautiful range of edible dusts in both 10ml and 20ml pots, that you can use for paint, spray or dusting onto your creations.  They leave a rich colour on your projects, and are suitable for use on sugar paste, marzipan, some chocolate, royal icing and flower/modelling pastes.

PLEASE NOTE: These dusts are sold by the manufacturer by volumetric weight - some ingredients weigh heavier/lighter than others (imagine the space taken up by a tonne of coal compared to a tonne of feathers), and so some pots may look to be a quarter full, and others may look to be completely full, but all will have the weight in the pot as per the manufacturer's specifications.

Suitable for both vegetarian and vegan diets, they are dairy, nut, GMO and gluten free.

There is also a 1"/2.5cm paintbrush available which is perfect to paint a large surface area with these amazing lustre dusts.  With soft, synthetic bristles, it leaves a streak free finish to your project.  Take care when cleaning; after use, rinse in warm water and dab dry.  Don't soak in water, and don't put it in the dishwater.

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