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Patchwork Cutters

Patchwork Cutters

What are Patchwork Cutters products?

Patchwork cutters produce a range of cutters and embossers that can be used alongside each other to give endless design and decorating possibilities. 

Best used with flower paste, the cutters create various 2d and 3d shapes and designs that can then be attached to either the side or the top of your creations. They can also be used to emboss direct onto your cake, and then paint in the detail. A large numbers of themed cutters are available, from weddings, birthdays, new arrivals, animals, sports, scenery etc, some of which can be overlaid to create a 3d image, and others that are assembled to create a 3d item such as a pram or a church.

A range of styrofoam accessories such as flower buds and blocks are also available to give a lightweight but stable base to your project.