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Tylo, Glue and Glycerine

Tylo, Glue and Glycerine

Rainbow Dust Tylo, Glue and Glycerine

What are Rainbow Dust Tylo, Glue and Glycerine products?

A range of products to assist with your edible creations.

Edible glue comes in 50g pots, to help stick your embellishments either together or onto your project. Great for adding glitter, constructing models, sugar flowers, etc.  It is strong enough to use when sticking fresh pieces of icing together, or fresh icing to dried.

For best results, brush glue sparingly onto one surface only.  Pieces tend to slide if both surfaces are coated.

Glycerine comes in 50ml pots, which is an odourless liquid to use when making royal icing, to give a softer consistency for coating.

Gluten free, suitable for vegetarian, vegan and kosher diets.

Recommended quantity is 1 stp/5ml to 1lb/450g icing sugar.  Do not use with icing designated for piping, runouts, extension work etc, where a stronger icing is required.

Also useful to help with greasy stain removal!

Glaze Cleaner comes in a handy 50ml pot, and is used to dissolve confectioner's glaze leaving your brush in it's original state.

Tylo powder is a synthetic gum powder that can be used to strengthen any type of icing by simply kneading it into your paste.  It can be used immediately, or can be left to develop for use a few hours later.  Ideal for fine and delicate decorations.  It comes in small 50g pots or a larger 120g pot.

It can also be used to make your own edible glue by mixing 1 part Tylo Powder to 30 parts water and leaving it overnight to develop.  Dilute if necessary with a little more water.

Gluten and GM free, it is suitable for vegetarian, halal and kosher diets.

  1. Rainbow Dust TYLO Powder 120g


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  2. Rainbow Dust TYLO POWDER 50g


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  3. Rainbow Dust TYLO POWDER 80g


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