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What are Saracino products?

Saracino produce modelling pastes that are both durable and malleable, which has a high concentration of cocoa butter.  This means whilst it hardens quickly, it doesn't dry out, making it easy to correct any mistakes.

It is also very elastic, so you can bend it and shape it as you wish, without the fear of it breaking.  Once it hardens, it easily maintains it's shape.

it comes in a variety of colours and pack sizes, from 250g to 1kg and 5kg tubs.   The white can be coloured using dusts, gels and can be airbrushed.

Gluten free.

Please note, although this product does not contain nuts, it is made in a factory that handles nuts.

Saracino also make Sugar Plus Isomalt, which is a sugar substitute and is used to make eye catching cake decorations such as stained glass windows, biscuit and cookie centres, etc. It can be used in silicone moulds and mats.

It comes in 500g bags.


Saracino Pasta Scultura chocolate paste is a fantastic solution for anyone who wants to achieve invisible joints in their modelling and scuplting.  

When worked, the paste feels quite soft, so it easily covers large surfaces with perfect blending, and moulding is made easy.  The consistency is similar to sculpting clay.  Pasta Scultura immediately remembers the shape that you are creating, which is particularly important when creating models from photographs. Mistakes can be easily re-worked and rectified.

Although it is a chocolate paste, it contains less oils than traditional modelling chocolate, which makes it possible to dust with colour or paint shortly after completion of the model.

Gluten and GMO free.

Please note, although this product does not contain nuts, it is made in a factory that handles nuts.

  1. Saracino Food Flavouring Lemon 200g


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  2. Saracino Food Flavouring Pistachio 200g
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