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Spectrum Flow

Spectrum Flow

Spectrum Flow

What are Spectrum Flow products?

Spectrum Flow produce a single action airbrush and compressor kit,  plus additional accessories including a pen holder, cleaning station and airbrush cleaner. The machine allows you to create the most colourful, diverse and unique cakes to your own designs, giving you the freedom to be as wild as your imagination.  It allows you to layer colours, apply precise shading, spray large areas and even create intricate details. Simply create your design in white, and colour your project to your own colour scheme - saves having to use multiple coloured fondants and save time too.

The single action function means that air is constantly flowing through the machine, and all you have to do is pull the trigger on the pen to release the paint.  The paint cup holds 20cc of colour, allowing you to spray for long periods without the need to refill.  There is a single pen holder attached to the compressor to hold your pen when not using it, or when changing colours.  A separate multiple pen holder is available as an accessory if you are using more than one pen at a time, for instance, when colouring large areas in 2 or 3 colours.

There is also a range of paints available, including liquid matt, pearlised and glitter paints, designed for use with the Spectrum Flow Airbrush, allowing you the freedom to create a variety of finishes to your project. Confectioners Glaze or other makes of glitter paint is not recommended for use with the Spectrum Flow Airbrush, as they may damage your machine and invalidate the 12 month warranty.

Spectrum Flow also make Wipeouts - a food grade mistake eraser wipe that allows you to remove paint marks or smudges on your cake!  They measure 4" x 7.5" (10cm x 19cm), they are perfect to take the pressure off, and those easy-to-make mistakes are a thing of the past.

We take a lot of time and effort in creating cake masterpieces, only to be devastated if we smudge or make a mistake.  These wipes can be used on both ethanol and water based airbrush paints, edible food pens, gel colours and more. For cleaning airbrush equipment, tools or surfaces, use a single sheet to clean as necessary.

They work on sugar paste, modelling paste, flower paste, marzipan, chocolate and more.  Simply take a single wipe, fold and twist into an easy to grasp position, and gently wipe away the mistake without applying much pressure, as this may damage the surface area.  Allow the area to dry before further decorating.  The large wipes can be used mutiple times, simply fold and return to the pack and seal the pack to retain the moisture within the container.

Made using isopropanolol and demineralised water, they are suitable for a vegetarian and vegan diets.

  1. Spectrum Flow Airbrush Liquid MATT Yellow 75ml can be used on Chocolate BBF 02/22
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  2. Spectrum Flow Airbrush Liquid PEARLISED Yellow 100ml BBF 06/21
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