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What are Sugarflair products?

Sugarflair produce a large range of both edible and food contact only colours and finishing products in different mediums for you to achieve the perfect finish to your project.

Sugar Shakers are edible square sprinkles that come in 100g bottles, and come in various single colours or a rainbow mix are perfect for sprinkling onto the tops of cakes, cupcakes and cookies to give them a sparkling finish. They can also be added to buttercream, royal icing, or even attached to fondant with a little edible glue to hold them in place.

Liquid paints are also available for both airbrush and hand painting in a variety of sizes and colours.

Our favourite Finishing Sparkle comes in both a handy pump spray and tubs that can be used as refills for your pump sprays, giving you the ultimate bling! With lots of colours to choose from, you can really make your masterpieces shine!

Sugartex is a texturing colour to represent pollen in your floral displays.  It comes in 2 colours, and when applied to stamen heads, it gives your flowers a lifelike pollen effect.

Rejuvenator spirit comes in a handy 14ml bottle or a larger value for money 280ml bottle, and is used to thin down any concentrated food colourings to make edible paint.  It will dilute paste colours for hand painting onto any sugar surface, and will also create a shimmering paint when added to dust and lustres.   It can also revive your old pens and pastes.  It is food grade ethanol which is flammable, and although is safe to use when used properly, please bear in mind that it is NOT safe to drink.  Please store away from any sources of ignition.

Pearlescent glaze is an 100% edible glaze, which creates a glossy shine to your projects, giving you a pearlescent protective coating to your creations, which dries clear allowing the colours beneath to shine through. it can be used on breads, buns, rollls, cakes, sugar flowers and more.  It comes in a 50g pot or larger 280ml bottle for covering large areas with ease and can be used on sugar paste, modelling paste, flower paste, marzipan, chocolate and much more.

Sugarflair also produce food contact dust colours that are designed to be used with a variety of materials, including gum paste, flower paste to produce deep hues and excellent matt finishes to your designs.  Combined with other colours, or even lustre dusts, they can give an extremely realistic detailed finish.

In other countries, these are considered to be edible, but UK regulations stipulate that they are non-edible.  However, if consumed in small quantities, they are not harmful.