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What are SugarSoft products?

SugarSoft produce handmade edible flowers in a soft sugar paste, with a light, vanilla taste. They have a silky smooth texture that make them the perfect treat for special occiasions, and are great for finishing touches for wedding cakes. They can be enhanced with edible glitter and dusts, giving the ultimate look of realistic flowers without having to take the time to hand make them yourself.

They come in multiple sized boxes, dependant on the design of flowers, and some are assorted sizes.

Because they are hand made, some differences in shading can occur between batches.  We recommend that if you are using them for a large project such as a wedding cake, you purchase all you require at the same time to get them from the same batch.

Gluten free, they are suitable for vegetarian, vegan and kosher diets.

Other decorations available include beautiful butterflies and edible brush strokes that come in both white and mixed colours. Simply pipe icing or buttercream onto your cupcakes, and set the decorations into the icing.  The brush strokes come in 2 sizes and are ideal for creating feathered effects for example on swans, or for creating an abstract design on your cakes.

Gluten free, they are suitable for vegetarian, vegan and kosher diets.

  1. SugarSoft 20 Edible Assorted White Daisies 50mm


    RRP: £13.99 | Save: £0.79

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  2. SugarSoft 20 Edible Butterflies 38mm


    RRP: £9.99 | Save: £3.00

    In stock