The Sugarpaste Ribbon

SugArt Sugarpaste Ribbon

What are SugArt Sugarpaste Ribbon products?

Simply, they are ribbons of edible soft and flexible sugarpaste that are embossed with a variety of patterns and messages that can be instantly applied to your cake and transform a plain cake into a professional looking and glamorous design. They can be used to go round the entire circumference, and also to create bows and loops in a really short time.

To apply to the circumference of the cake, measure the length of the ribbon around your cake, and cut to size, leaving a slight overlap for any adjustments required.  Peel the ribbon from the backing and lay flat on your work surface embossed side down.  Brush a small amount of water along the entire length of the ribbon, then apply where required on your cake. Smooth using your hands, ensuring there are no air bubbles behind the ribbon, cut any excess with a pair of scissors and gently smooth the 2 edges together.

They come with 2 x 1.25m lengths in the container and are white in colour.  The embossed sections can be hand painted if required to match your chosen design.  Any excess can be wrapped in clingfilm and placed inside an air tight container to prevent drying out.

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