Sweet Stamp by AmyCakes

    Sweet Stamp by Amy Cakes

    What are Sweet Stamp by Amy Cakes products?

    Sweet Stamp produce a range of embossing letters, numbers and themed images, messages and much more for you to write your greetings direct either onto your cake or cake board in a number of different font styles and sizes.  They are suitable for both large cakes, cupcakes and cookies. There are pick up pads available to help line up and space out your letters, giving a more professional look to your message. They also help you get an even depth to your impression, and your letters are held in place attached to the pad, which is useful when you need to remove them from the surface of your cake.

    Out Boss is a range of pre-designed messages and images that leave the impression standing proud so that you can paint them if you wish to make them stand out even more.

    They also supply a range of cake toppers that are pre-designed, or shapes for you to create your own toppers to give your finished products that added personal touch.

    A range of stencils are also available for your to create patterns on your cupcake toppers or sides of large cakes very quickly.

    Pixie pearls are a range of micro sprinkles which can be used to decorate your cakes and bakes, or used to fill the Sweet Stamp lettering/numbering system as an alternative to painting in the detail.

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