Cake Cards and Drums

Do you drum, board or card?

- Cake Card Cut Edge are thin hard cards, usually around 1.5-2mm thick. They are covered in silver foil and ideal for multi-tiered cakes (upper tiers). They also work well if you are working with light-weight cakes (sponge, gateaux) or cake toppers. However, for anything heavier they will not provide enough support.

- Cake Boards are the happy medium between thickness of card, with the strength of drums. They are 4mm thick. They are perfect to support heavier cakes (fruit, heavy sponges) and work well in multi-tiered cakes. If you need a strong but thin base, then this is your choice. 

- Cake Drums are the thickest boards available at 12mm thick and covered in silver or rose gold foil.  They are perfect for the base of multi-tiered cakes or any other heavier cake mixtures (fruit). As a rule of thumb, you require a drum at least 2” larger than the size of your cake (e.g. 14” drum for a 10” cake).  If you would like to add any decorations to your board (messages) you should increase the size of your board accordingly. 

Choose between our cake drums, cake boards, cake cards and Masonite. They are available in 03” - 14” round and square as well as other shapes, colours and designs too!

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