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Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter, obtained from cocoa tree beans, is a saturated fat and a perfect way to add richness to your baking. It’s most commonly used in milk chocolate and white chocolate and is responsible for the hardness, brightness or glossy appearance and pleasant melting behaviour of chocolate when placed in your mouth.

With products like our cocoa butter buttons, it can easily be melted and used as an alternative to coconut oil and is recognised as superior for its flavour and consistency for irresistible baking.

We also sell rich cocoa butter chocolate colouring in a variety of different colours so no matter what you’re baking, or what you want your bake to look like, you’ll find the right form of cocoa butter for you. Simply melt the coloured cocoa butter then use a brush to dip into it and paint on your designs. You can paint edible decorations, paint onto chocolate itself or other edible mediums like sugar paste and modelling paste to achieve a shimmering, soft reflection of colour on your bakes.

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