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Food Flavourings

Whether you’re looking for a traditional flavour like vanilla or a refreshing fruit flavour like raspberry, strawberry, lemon or banana, we have all the flavours you need to truly intensify the taste of your bake. In fact, we even sell some fun flavours like tiramisu or pistachio to really add a delicious twist to your bake.

The flavours we sell below are concentrated food flavouring pastes that offer multiple different uses and applications. The pastes are ideal for use in baking but can also be used as a flavouring paste or even enjoyed as they are, as a sweet topping for ice cream, gateaux or yoghurt, or used as a jam in baked sponges for a tasty twist to a traditional bake.

As these pastes are concentrated, a little goes a long way so you can experiment with the intensity of the flavours. Shop our range below and explore the different flavours we have available.