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Sweet Sticks Mini Palette Food Paint RAINBOW

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Sweet Sticks Mini Palette Food Paint RAINBOW

Sweet Sticks Mini Palette Food Paint RAINBOW


Simply activate, stir and paint

Paints on:

Royal Icing



Buttercream crusted

American crusted buttercream

When working with our Metallic Paint Palette we recommend using good quality Fine Line brushes (one is included).

It’s rub free! No fuss!

The colour is true

100% food grade edible

Vegan, alcohol, gluten, dairy, soy and peanut free!

Getting Started Tips and Tricks

Have a small cup of water on hand ready to go

Dip your fine line brush into the water to wet it and start mixing into your palette. keep dipping in water, mixing and repeat until you have created a paste consistency.

Get more ideas on our Recipe Websites.

If you have any questions or need further information, you can contact us by email: or call us at 01613935056.

Practice, play and become familiar with the product and the consistency that suits you best.

The palette will dry up over time, be sure to continue adding water from your brush as you go to keep your paste consistency.

Once-over strokes are best, so try and think about what you are painting before you start.

Two coats are best. paint your first coat and let dry (takes a short time to dry). when dry, paint over.

Wash your brush in clean water before starting a new colour.

This paint palette is designed to paint only the finer details such as lettering, small patterns, fine line designs.

Best used on royal icing, macarons and fondant.

Most importantly, have fun with them. take the time to become familiar with them.

We recommend to store in a dry, cool place and away from children. This product is not to be consumed directly. Palette Pans total is 55g.

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