Sugar and Crumbs - fabulous icing sugars and cocoa powders.

Natural Flavoured Icing Sugar, Natural Flavoured Cocoa Powder and delicious Sugar Paste at Call 0161 449 7976 Today !

Sugar Paste at discounted rates ! Sprinkles range now available - Gift vouchers now available please call us on 0161 449 7976 or email for more details.
  • Chocolate Icing Sugar (3)

    Chocolate Icing Sugar
    Natural Flavoured Chocolate Icing Sugars, Jaffa Twist, Chocolate Milkshake and Black Forest
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  • Crumbs and Sprinkles (20)

    Crumbs and Sprinkles
    Selection Of Sprinkles and Crumbs for topping your cakes!
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  • Flavoured Icing Sugar (27)

    Flavoured Icing Sugar
    Intense Flavoured Icing Sugar, Gluten Free, can be diluted, intents to suit all tastes.
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  • Flavoured Cocoa Powder (5)

    Flavoured Cocoa Powder
    Rich dark chocolate cocoa powders with intense flavours of Chilli, Lime, Coconut, Orange and Cherry
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  • Coloured Sugar Paste (15)

    Coloured Sugar Paste
    16 Coloured Sugar Pastes, ideal for making models, use as roll out, for covering your cakes, for cutters and moulds.
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  • Edible Wafer Toppers (12)

    Edible Wafer Toppers
    Selection of Vanilla flavoured wafers, for topping your cakes.
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Welcome to Sugar and Crumbs ™

Sugar and Crumbs™ are offering a fabulous range of delicious Natural Flavoured Icing Sugars and Cocoa Powders. Our aim is to provide excellent quality products with intense Flavours. Take a look at our Coloured Sugar Paste, we have a lovely range of colours to make those perfect decorations.