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Carol's Buttercream Flowers Class Online

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Would you love to make beautiful buttercream flowers? Using simple buttercream or swiss meringue buttercream?

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Carol's Buttercream Flowers Class Online

Would you love to make beautiful buttercream flowers? Using simple buttercream or swiss meringue buttercream?  If you do, why not join my class Carol's Buttercream Flowers Class Online, where I can teach you. There are 20 plus flowers to learn, bringing your skills to another level.

When you purchase this tutorial please DO NOT add any other products to your shopping bag, do that separately as a different order.

Every other week I will hold a 2 hour session in Carol's Buttercream Flowers Facebook Group, this will be a Facebook Live session.  Each week we will concentrate on 1 new flower in various colours and sizes. Each recorded session will then be listed in Carol's Buttercream Flowers Facebook Group for you to go back and follow whenever you need to. Therefore you can join in on the actual live session or just sit back, watch and enjoy, then do at your leisure. 

Your membership to the group is for life, the friends you will make in the group will be amazing, the fun you will have with Karen, Simon and myself I am sure you will love :-)

The first session will be 2nd March at 2pm , then every other week.  The only time a session won't go live is if I am ill or on holiday.  Announcements will be made in the group in advance if any of these dates have to change.


The classes are there for you to follow anytime, they will also get repeated as we complete the first set of classes, therefore feel free to  join in the fun.


What will I need for the classes?


A good selection of colour gels

12 cupcakes on the day your learning

Piping bags 12 inch I have a few ranges, don't buy bigger its a waste.

Bowls for buttercream

Palette knives

Food mixer to mix your buttercream

250g Butter plus 500g icing sugar per class, always best to have an extra batch too.

A good selection of tips, I would suggest the following, there are more so do watch out for them being listed, I will add them as I add them to the website, however you do NOT need to buy them all now I will let you know in the group what's needed for each class.

Left-handers, I am currently sourcing a selection of nozzles perfect for you too, therefore watch out for announcements.

1 x Wilton 16 OPEN STAR TIP

Wilton 1M 2D 2A EXTRA LARGE TIPS Pack of 3

1 or 2 your choice it will only be for different colours so you could wash one out x Wilton 32 OPEN STAR Decorating Tip

1 or 2 your choice it will only be for different colours so you could wash one out x Wilton LARGE Decorating Star Tip Size 199

2 x Wilton 81 PETAL TIP or PME Curved Petal Tube 55

2 x Wilton 74 Leaf Tip

2 x Wilton 102 PETAL TIP

2 x Wilton 103 PETAL TIP

3 x Wilton 104 PETAL TIP

2 x Wilton 150 Petal Tip

2 x Wilton LARGE LEAF Tip Size 366

2 x PME/Jem Large Petal Nozzle 123

2 x PME/Jem Medium Petal Nozzle 121

2 x JEM 14 Open Star Nozzle

2 x Wilton ROUND Decorating Tip Size 2

2 x Wilton ROUND Decorating Tip Size 3

2 x Wilton ROUND Decorating Tip Size 4

2 x Wilton ROUND Decorating Tip Size 5

2 x Wilton SMALL DROP FLOWER Decorating Tip Size 224


3 x Wilton LEAF TIP 352 if you decide to buy the set then don't purchase the single one.

This pack of 4 is excellent I would suggest 3 packs - then there is no need to purchase 352, 102, 104, 224 tips  Wilton Flower AND LEAF Tips Pack of 4


Terms & Conditions for purchasing classes:

1. Only purchase classes, do not add products to you basket. You can order more than one class at a time.  

2. Select Click & Collect as your shipping method, shipping will not be refunded if you choose to pay for a shipping option.

3. Please follow this link to join your Facebook Group, answer all questions confirming your order number and your name if different to your Facebook name https://www.facebook.com/groups/CarolsButtercreamFlowers

4. Please read the group rules, ensuring that you are aware that what you learn in the class is  for yourself only and is not to be shared. Please respect the tutors Intellectual Property Rights, however, please feel free to share your finished cake images on social media giving credit to the tutor and class you have been taught in.

5. By purchasing this class you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

If you have any questions or need further information, you can contact us by email: info.sugarandcrumbs@icloud.com or call us at 01613935056.

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