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Introduction to Wedding Cakes with Rachel Hanna Online

Rachel Hanna from Marie Antoinette Cake Design specialises in creating contemporary, award-winning bespoke wedding cakes throughout the North West of England.

Introduction to Wedding Cakes with Rachel Hanna Online

Please note once you have booked your class there are no refunds or swaps, it's also your responsibility to take note of classes you have booked and dates they go online.  When you pay, you will be sent a link to join the facebook group, if you do not get that link check your junk or spam box.  Otherwise email the office and we will send a link, you will need to send us your order number for us to do this.

Rachel Hanna from Marie Antoinette Cake Design specialises in creating contemporary, award-winning bespoke wedding cakes throughout the North West of England.

With a keen eye for design, Rachel is mostly self-taught and has developed many of her own techniques to create her signature look. 

In recent years she has become particularly well known for her use of texture, colour, and extensive sugar floral work. In 2019, Rachel won the award for Best Wedding Cake Designer for the North West region in The Wedding Industry Awards and has gone on to be shortlisted as a finalist in the National Awards.

Once you have enrolled in the class and joined the group, all items needed for the session will be shared with you. If you don't have them already, you can either buy from our online shop if we sell them, or I will give you links to other suppliers if we don't stock certain products.

Come and join our Facebook Live online tutorial to learn to decorate these wedding cakes.

Please read fully so you understand the whole process.

When you purchase this tutorial please DO NOT add any other products to your shopping bag, do that separately as a different order.

Please ensure you tick the T&C's tick box when you receive your confirmation email, this should then take you directly to the Facebook Group Introduction to Wedding Cakes with Rachel Hanna Online Class, if for some unknown reason it does not take you to the group, please search for the Facebook Group, Introduction to Wedding Cakes with Rachel Hanna Online Class, answer the 3 questions to gain access to the group. You will now have access to this group forever.  Feel free to ask other members for help and advice, they will love to help, they are a friendly bunch.

This online tutorial can be purchased at any time. It is yours to keep forever, for you to view and follow at your leisure.  You are NOT to share any of the techniques or teach anyone else anything within the tutorial, this is for you only. Any members sharing techniques will be removed from the group.

In this Introduction to Wedding Cakes class, Rachel will take you through everything you need to know if you’re starting out in the wedding industry or looking to develop your cake decorating skills to include tiered cakes, beautifully decorated and finished to a professional standard.

You will learn;

  1. How to fill and cover a 3-tiered semi-naked cake with a smooth clean finish and a 2-tiered cake with textured buttercream ridges
  2. How to dowel and stack semi-naked cakes and buttercream textured cakes
  3. How to decorate your cakes with beautiful fresh flowers and foliage in a food-safe way
  4. Contemporary, on-trend flower arranging on cakes
  5. How to guide your customers when it comes to design requests and the use of fresh flowers!
  6. Adding decorative elements such as edible metallic leaf and metallic paint to your buttercream cakes
  7. The tools she uses and relies upon to perfect her cakes
  8. How to plan your schedule in the run-up to the wedding day
  9. Storing and transporting your cakes safely!
  10. Troubleshooting – things that can go wrong and how to deal with them!
  11. Gain insight into wedding cake design and how Rachel has developed a reputation for unique designs within a crowded market
  12. The importance of charging properly and how to approach pricing with your clients

This one-day class is absolutely packed with content that you won’t want to miss. Tips, tricks, and techniques that you can use on every cake that you make, plus Rachel will be on-hand to answer all of your questions throughout the day!

We do recommend you watch the class to absorb all information before you make your own project.


Love Carol and Rachel x


Terms & Conditions for purchasing classes:

1. Only purchase classes, do not add products to your basket. You can order more than one class at a time.  

2. Select Click & Collect as your shipping method, shipping will not be refunded if you choose to pay for a shipping option.

3. Please follow this link to join your Facebook Group, answer all questions confirming your order number and your name if different to your Facebook name

4. Please read the group rules, ensuring that you are aware that what you learn in the class is for yourself only and is not to be shared. Please respect the tutors Intellectual Property Rights, however, please feel free to share your finished cake images on social media giving credit to the tutor and class you have been taught in.

5. By purchasing this class you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

If you have any questions or need further information, you can contact us by email: or call us at 01613935056.

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