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It is perfect for all your cake decorating needs.


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PME PALETTE KNIFE MINI is perfect for all your cake decorating needs. In fact, you can use this palette knife for spreading icings, coatings and fillings onto cakes, desserts and savouries. You can also use it for trimming icings and pastries, lifting decorations, positioning decorations and much more! It gives your sugar craft projects a professional finish.

PME PALETTE KNIFE MINI is a lightweight palette knife with black and ergonomic handle. So, your fingers stay out of the icing and you have a comfy grip.

Also, is dishwasher safe. Dry thoroughly after washing. 

In addition, it is made out of stainless steel, particularly useful for accurately icing cakes and cutting marzipan, sugar paste or pastry to the right size for a neat, professional finish.

When baking and decorating cakes and treats its much easier to have the "right tools for the job". Whatever aspect of cake making you are at, there is a knife for your needs; there is our serrated cake knife - ideal for cutting your cake into shape. Also, our palette knives - for all your "spreading" jobs and our tapered and angles palette knife - for lifting and positioning your decorations! It allows you to evenly and consistently spread and smooth the top and sides of your cake with a layer of icing.

Also, it keeps your fingers out of icing while creating a smooth surface when icing larger cakes or spreading filling between layers. It is great for adding filling between cake layers and even filling a decorating bag is easier with an angled spatula.

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