Culpitt – Dipping Solution – 280ml

Culpitt – Dipping Solution – 280ml

Dipping Solution is a quick and convenient way to colour wired flowers, leaves and decorations. Simply dip into coloured solution to obtain a beautiful and vibrant translucent finish to your flowers, Or can be mixed with coloured powders or coloured pastes to create a paint suitable for cake decorating.

If possible hang the flower to dry upside down so that any surplus colour runs down to the rim of the flower giving it an interesting edge

To obtain a deeper more vibrant colour, dip decoration several times

If the decoration is more than one colour, a barrier can be created by brushing on melted vegetable fat

Put a tight lid back onto the jar and can be saved for the next time

To use:

Pour solution into a deep wide necked jar (preferably with a lid that has a good seal). The jar should be deep enough to hold sufficient solution to dip the whole flower, plus allowing head space for shaking off any excess liquid.

Add colour of choice. Liquid droplet or airbrush colours are recommended.

Hold the dry flower by the wire stem and dip into solution. Remove and twirl around using the head space of the jar to remove excess liquid. Doing this means less mess as the liquid is contained inside the jar and saved.


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