JEM – Tape Cutter

Jem – Tape Cutter not only cuts tape but can also shred it into either half or quarter widths. Also, the removable blades allow you to adjust the width size to suit your project, which is extremely time saving when making sugar flowers.

By cutting into smaller strips it is much tidier when taping wired flowers. And it will also make your florist tape go further, saving you money in the long run!

The shredder is also designed to cut ribbon so if wrapping your cake with a finishing ribbon or bow, the Tape Cutter and Shredder will help you get the width you desire. The cutter is very precise and will save you precious time when construction elaborate sugar flowers.

To use, lift the centre piece (shutter) and thread the required length of floral tape with the wax-coated side facing upwards, from behind the centre piece. Then, close the shutter and, while applying gentle pressure to the centre piece, pull the floral tape or ribbon through the cutter. Instructions are on pack as well.

Shreds tape into 1/4 widths

JEM Florist Tape and Ribbon Cutter is a handy little cutting tool is great for safely cutting florist tape and ribbon evenly in one easy operation. The width of the blades can easily be adjusted to suit the task in hand.

Jem – Tape Cutter cuts floristry tape and ribbon to half and quarter original width. In fact, accommodates tape / ribbon up to approx ½” / 12mm-13mm wide. Professional quality tool from Jem.

WARNING – contains razor sharp blades – please exercise care and keep out of the reach of children. By ordering you are confirming you are at least 18 years of age.

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