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The Cake Illusionist Roast Christmas Dinner Online

Learn how to make Roast Christmas Dinner Cake with The Cake Illusionist in the Sugar and Crumbs Kitchen


The Cake Illusionist Roast Christmas Dinner Online

Come and join The Cake Illusionist (Hannah) in the Sugar and Crumbs Kitchen via an Online Tutorial to learn how to make a Christmas Dinner Cake. This class you can watch or follow in your own home at a time that suits you. The class has already been streamed live, all you need to do join the FB group to follow the class that has been saved in the units section.

Please read fully so you understand the whole process.

When you purchase this tutorial please DO NOT add any other products to your shopping bag, do that separately as a different order.

This online tutorial is only for paid members, it will be shown live in the private group called The Cake Illusionist Roast Christmas Dinner Online, on Facebook. You will be asked to join this group once you have paid and confirmed the terms and conditions, which will be emailed to you separately.

This online tutorial can be purchased at any time. It is yours to keep forever. However, you are NOT to share any of the techniques or teach anyone else anything within the tutorial, this is for you only. Any members sharing techniques will be removed from the group.

There will be online notes and design templates for you to download.  There's so much information on each session - it's going to be great fun.

We will take several 15-minute breaks during the day, plus 30 minutes for lunch.

Once you have enrolled in the class and joined the group, all items needed for the session will be shared with you. If you don't have them already, you can either buy from our online shop if we sell them, or I will give you links to other suppliers if we don't stock certain products.

What will you learn?

- Cake Carving

- Moulding sugar paste and colouring

- Realistic eyes

- Realistic animal features

- How to airbrush

This is such an amazing class to offer here at the Sugar and Crumbs Online Kitchen.

Group benefits - a fantastic private community group where all members will be able to help each other and share links on where to buy supplies, etc.

I'm so looking forward to you joining the class.

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